The Products

ALPE covers the fuel cell value chain, starting from the synthesis of innovative electrocatalysts. The latter are integrated into membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) that are introduced in a full-fledged fuel cell stack.

The technology
ALPE electrocatalysts are completely different than those adopted in the state of the art. Indeed, ALPE electrocatalysts exhibit: (i) strong interactions between the active sites and the support; and (ii) a hierarchical structure.
A European Wide Initiative
The activities of the project ALPE will be carried out by a Consortium involving seven Partners with their three Linked Third Parties hosted in three EU countries (i.e., Italy, France and Poland). ALPE’s partners cover all the three sides of the Knowledge Triangle: Academia, Research Centers and Industry.
Project Info

ALPE is part of the massive efforts taking place worldwide aimed at decarbonizing the energy sector in a sustainable way. ALPE strives to minimize the use of critical raw materials such as platinum, that are scarce and only found outside the EU.